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This team has three positions: CO and two XO's.

Other possible positions are: FO/JTAC and Platoon Medic (NCO).

At the moment the CO (Commanding Officer), XO (Executive Officer) and CSM (Company Sergeant Major) are assigned to the roster. In Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) the CSM can be and often is a commissioned officer.

Interesting side-note about lieutenant ranks in the FDF is the fact that there are three lieutenant ranks. The junior is 2nd Lieutenant then comes Lieutenant and the third one is 1st Lieutenant (i.e. Senior Lieutenant).

Command operates closely with the rest of the unit on the field in command roles such as Company and Platoon Commander.

CO: Captain Gordon.F (Callsign: 10)

XO: 1st Lieutenant Temme (Callsign: 15)

CSM: Lieutenant Teme