Finnish Jaeger Troops

OP KRIHA - UN Operation finished.
OP KRIHA - UN Operation has been successfully completed and the peacekeepers have returned back home.

All of the jaegers who attended the three part operation have been awarded the UN-Ribbon.

The UN-Ribbon is awarded to the recipient for taking part in a highly roleplay based crisis management multi stage operation in Arma 3 simulation.

The jaegers who were awarded the UN-Ribbon are as follows:

Re-awarded UN-Ribbon (Jaegers who have previously taken part in another UN-operation in 2014 in addition to the more recent 2020 KRIHA operation)

- Captain Gordon (PRT Anizay CO)
- Lieutenant Teme
- Staff Sergeant Hinkkiz
- Sergeant Astalo
- Corporal Korpisolttu
- Corporal Ottomaani
- Lance Corporal Zhaska
- Lance Corporal Henkkz
- Private Jani

Newly awarded UN-Ribbon (Jaegers who took part in their first UN-operation in 2020)

- Sergeant Nyyppis
- Corporal Auxilar
- Lance Corporal Antivirus
- Lance Corporal HanSolo
- Private FlyFinn
- Private Huolmanos
- Private MacMarine
- Private Mihailo
- Private Mike
- Private Nikster
- Private Paavi
- Private Ritari
- Private Talic
- Private Topseli

Honorary UN-Ribbon (Jaegers who took part in the 2020 OP KRIHA planning as military advisors. These members have also served overseas IRL)

- Lieutenant Temme
- Lance Corporal Pies
- Private Sanooj
- Private Tomsa

Congratulations to all ribbon recipients. A job well done! Welcome home.

- Commander
Summer Break 2020

Finnish Jaeger Troops has successfully finished this Spring's games and now it's time to head out for a well deserved summer holiday.

The unit will return to active duty on August 9 2020.

- Commander

And the same in Finnish:

Finnish Jaeger Troops on onnistuneesti suorittanut kevään pelit ja nyt on aika siirtyä kesälomille.

Palaamme sorvin ääreen 9.8.2020.

- Päällikkö
New jaeger reporting for duty
We have received a new member reporting for duty.

2020 Spring Basic Training has given us:

- Jaeger Mike

Welcome to the unit!

- Commander
Independence Day 2019
Finnish Jaeger Troops held a short event on December 6th 2019 to honor Finland's Independence Day 2019.

Several ribbons were awarded to the unit.

The following jaegers were promoted:

NCO Student Lance Corporal Auxilar was promoted to the rank of Corporal
NCO Student Lance Corporal Ottomaani was promoted to the rank of Corporal

Congratulations to all who were awarded and/or promoted for your efforts.
- Commander
Fresh load of jaegers
We have received a fresh load of new jaegers to the unit.

Earlier in 2018 we received the following new jaegers:

- Jaeger Mihailo
- Jaeger Topseli
- Jaeger Akseli
- Jaeger Hakala

And the latest 2019 batch included the following new players:

- Jaeger Paavi
- Jaeger Talic
- Jaeger Ritari

That makes seven new jaegers to the unit.

Welcome aboard!

- Commander
FJT 15 Years!
Finnish Jaeger Troops turns 15 this day.

On this day, the unit was formed by Captain Gordon.F exactly 15 years ago.
Happy 15th anniversary to the whole unit.
Finnish Military Simulation since 2003
This year marks the 15th anniversary of Finnish Jaeger Troops.

Our simulation group began operating back in 2003 and has been online ever since.
All of our members are either active servicemen or reservists of the Finnish Defence Forces.

We welcome new members to join our ranks if they have completed their mandatory military service in the Finnish Defence Forces.
A fresh load of jaegers
Three jaegers have completed their basic training and have been assigned to the unit. All of them are new to the unit but after the training they have been qualified as properly trained jaegers.

The unit CO and the troops welcome the new jaegers to the unit!

Welcome to the unit:

Jaeger Huolmanos
Jaeger Jupe
Jaeger Räsänen

- Commander
A fresh load of jaegers
Three jaegers have completed their basic training and have been assigned to the unit. One of the three is an old member joining back to the ranks after spending a year abroad on his peacekeeping rotation. The other two are fresh meat so let's welcome them to the unit!

Welcome to the unit:

Jaeger Pies
Jaeger Sanooj
Jaeger MacMarine

- Commander
New jaegers join the ranks!
Let us welcome the new jaegers to the unit.

We welcome the new members to join the ranks:

Jaeger tomsa

Jaeger Demostern

The new members have completed their basic training successfully and have been assigned to the unit.

- Commander