Finnish Jaeger Troops

Spring Match FJT vs SSRP - Victory!
Finnish Jaeger Troops played a Team versus Team against the Polish SSRP -multiclan.

We played a complete 4 matches (1 hour each) and won all of them.

Our opponent fought bravely even though they were highly outnumbered throughout the game.

Thanks to the Polish co-operatives and to our fine jaegers!

- Captain Gordon
Gearing up for the upcoming event
Finnish Jaeger Troops joins the Polish forces for some joint ops. Our host: Legion ArmA will be playing some CO-OP with us on April 5th 2015. We are looking forward for the possibility to share some thoughts and experiences of the upcoming scenario.

- CO
Finland's Independence Day - Promotions and awards ceremony
Finnish Jaeger Troops - Independence Day ceremonies were held a day after the actual independence day (Dec 6th 2014).

Several members were promoted and many recipients received some ribbons.

Corporal Hinkkiz (Squad Leader - 3rd Squad) was promoted to the rank of Sergeant

Lance Corporal Jurmo (Fire Team Leader - 1st Squad) was promoted to the rank of NCO-Student Lance Corporal and assigned to the NCO School I/2015

Private Nasse was (3rd Squad) was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.

United Nations Ribbon was awarded for the members who attended the most recent operation Lion Shield.

Recipients of the UN Ribbon:

Unit Command:

- Captain Gordon.F
- Lieutenant Temme

1st Squad - Sisu:

- First Sergeant Teme
- Lance Corporal Jurmo
- Private Ale
- Private Tonto

2nd Squad - Leka:

- Corporal Jani
- Lance Corporal Zhaska
- Private Karko
- Private Nallepa
- Private Korpisolttu

3rd Squad - Norppa:

- Sergeant Hinkkiz
- Corporal Astalo
- Lance Corporal Nasse
- Private Ottomaani
- Private Metsis
- Private Henkkz

In addition the following recipients received the Operation Ribbon for five succesfully completed Operation -missions:

- Lance Corporal Nasse
- Private Ottomaani

- Commander
Recon School nearly finished
Finnish Jaeger Troops Reconnaissance Course Class II/2014 has completed the three mandatory Recon Course excercises.

Their abilities to operate as a recon team will be examined during the upcoming Reconnaissance Winter Examination 2014 in December.

Let's wish good luck to the recces!

- Commander
Meeting 2014 successfully completed!
Our boys have successfully survived the Summer Meeting 2014 of the Finnish Jaeger Troops. This year we went to the city of Lappeenranta, which is a small city located in the South Eastern part of Finland. A weekend full of alcohol infested joy was greeted with great anticipation and wonderful *cough* after feelings.

- Commander

\"Reporting live from Lappeenranta\"
Summer Meeting 2014
Finnish Jaeger Troops Summer Meeting 2014 is about to begin in the city of Lappeenranta.

This summer another 10 members will gather to have a pint or twenty with some good company, delicious BBQ food and sauna.

The meeting will take place during Aug 8 until Aug 10 2014.

- Commander
ArmA 2 gallery
The site finally has an ArmA 2 gallery. The gallery contains screenshots from FJT activities from the years with ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.
NCO-School Course III has graduated!
NCO-School Course III (year 2014) has graduated with high praises from the Commanding Officer. Course III of the year 2014 was the first course to be trained both reconnaissance and combat leadership.

The graduates have been promoted to the rank of Corporal and assigned to their units as shown below:

NCO-Student Lance Corporal Antivirus promoted to Corporal and assigned as the Squad Leader of the 2nd squad Leka

NCO-Student Lance Corporal Jani promoted to Corporal and assigned as the 2. Fireteam Leader of the 1st squad Sisu

- Captain Gordon.F
Commanding Officer
1st Group of 2014 NCO School ready for the finals
NCO School - 1st Group of 2014 has passed the first phase of the training and have been promoted to Lance Corporals.

These two are about to become NCO\\'s in a little while.

Promoted to Lance Corporal:

PFC Antivirus
PFC Jani

New members!
A contingent of fresh members have been recruited to the Finnish Jaeger Troops.

Basic Training has began with the new members:


Let us welcome the new recruits to the unit!