Gallery: Operation Flashpoint

Screenshots from OFP era 2003-2007

Boat racing in Eastborder
Mylis & Teme
Elias' KLR vs. BMP in Karjala CTI
Close order 2
Vietnam 2
Gordonschwitz 2
Sniper team Vii Cii & Gordon
CTI on Christmas Eve 2004
Independence Day's ceremony 2005 part 2
FJT column meets an ''enemy''
Let's Rock! HeKeZu, Teme, Mylis and Gordon
Elias posing
CTI on Christmas Eve 2004, Mylis being pushed a little while AFK
Mylis in action
Sleeping rebel
Elias, Mylis and Vince bored in SebNam CTI
Teme at the wheel
Booom 2
Mylis, Vince and a hostage found on an island
Rokker showing off again
Independence Day's ceremony 2004
Teme's Winter Maldevic bugging a bit 2
Dakar Rally 2006
Big-headed fella.jpg
Close order 1
Lagus and Elias cruising on enemy's hangar
Allah Ackbar! Hunting Soviet choppers in ''Young Ali Bullah''
1st anniversary
Uppish Gordon
Aerial warfare
Red as 1st Platoon NCO back in the days
Elias, Mylis & Gordon given their all
Frontside down
Independence Day's ceremony 2005
End of OFP era 5.5.2007
M-Division group photo
FJT on the road
Elias, Mylis and Vince bored in SebNam CTI part 2
The way FJT handles western reporters
Ready to fire
Talkin' to me eh
By the shore
Rokka in troubles
FJT sailboat
Teme's Winter Maldevic bugging a bit
and Roll
FJT Racing Team
Ready to Rock
Defensive positions against surrounding zombies in ''Kuolleiden Yö''
Jaeger Troops in positions
Gordon's dugout
Rokka seeding destruction
Atslav loves the smell of napalm in the morning
Teme & Gordon
Simultaneously taken accident scene pics by Elias and Vincent
Stunt driving at the cliffs of Al-Maldajah
Roof meeting
Our #1 pilot
Captain Haroski
ViiCii cutting Lagus into pieces
Something doesn't fit the scale
Midget Warrior
Riding in style
Sweating test
In the woods
Bad feeling
Close order trainings.jpg
Lagus & Vince going skiing
M-Division in half-platoon tent